Episode 19 - Feel The Presents (Christmas special)

It’s time for the DevDecoder Christmas special! In this episode, we discuss the must-have tech presents of 2018, the tech we are excited for in 2019 & our highlights of the year!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and we will see you in the new year

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Behind The Mic

Craig Dean

Craig is an all-round tech-junkie, who loves seeing other people learn and develop. You can find him judging hackathons, telling ‘dad jokes’, or walking his dogs, Bea & Bo.

Rebecca Lawton

Although Rebecca is quite new to the world of tech, she loves learning something new. She laughs at pretty much everything, and spends her time watching Owen Wilson videos, eating cheese, and talking to dogs.

Jack Maders

Jack’s always had an interest in science & technology and, after a physics degree and a stint as a science teacher, he’s ready to jump into the world of software engineering. The ‘fun facts’ he provided weren’t very fun or factual.

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